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How Professional House Washing Helps Improve Your Douglasville Property

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Pressure washing is something you should be scheduling as part of your routine house maintenance. It’s common for homeowners to wait until things look grimy enough to remember it’s time to make that call. A better approach is to schedule service consistently, so you get a service like house washing done before you see dirt and gunk on your siding.

Power washing and exterior cleaning should be part of your preventative maintenance plan to keep your home clean and avoid repairs. It’s also an important first step prior to house painting or deck staining. We’ll do a breakdown of how and why house washing is so critical so that you’ll hopefully make it a point to schedule yours as soon as possible.

Your Home Will Thank You For Scheduling Professional Pressure Washing

When your siding looks tarnished, you know it’s time for cleaning. However, knowing what’s on your siding may prompt you to get more proactive about making house washing part of your preventative maintenance. Pressure washing should be done even before your house shows sign of being filthy, and diligent homeowners can avoid the buildup of:

  • Dirt - You can’t avoid dirt, but you can limit the amount that collects on the side of your home. Dirt gathers on siding over time or as the result of wind or storm activity. Dirt may not be as harmful as other contaminants, but you still want to limit the amount that accumulates. Dirt can stain your siding or cause etching which makes scratches that require filler or repairs.

  • Fungus, Mildew, Mold - The presence of mold is also almost unavoidable since it occurs with the presence of moisture. You can keep the amount you have in check by scheduling routine cleanings. However, when we have an unusually wet season or if your home has more shade than sunlight, fungal growth can run rampant. Mold causes stains and rot, but it also poses a health risk and should be removed immediately.

  • Algae - Algae growth is undeniable because you can’t miss the thin layer of green growth that appears on your siding. It’s less of a structural problem or health hazard than mold but still ruins the appearance of your siding and should be cleaned before taking hold.

At Superior Pressure Washing, we’ll be glad to meet with you and discuss exterior cleaning for your local area home. Call today for a free quote, and let us provide you with pressure washing and house washing in Douglasville.

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