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Graffiti Removal in Atlanta, GA

Graffiti removal atlanta ga

Graffiti is a common practice by the disobedients acting unlawfully in our local community. Graffiti tagging has a negative visual impact on businesses and residents on our local community of Atlanta, GA. Graffiti has a negative impact on business by reducing the customer experience and ultimately reducing the revenue of the business if not removed professionally in a timely manner. At Superior Pressure Washing we specialize in Professional Graffiti Removal that can entirely remove all the paint applied by a graffiti artist and we can perform these services in a timely manner to reduce the negative impacts graffiti can have on a business.

In this project we performed professional level Graffiti Removal in Atlanta for Spray Paint on a Brick Commercial Building! We did this by applying a chemical specific to removing water based spray paint on a brick surface. It’s important to hire an expert in graffiti removal that has an array of chemical mastery like us because each different type of paint(such as water based and oil based for example) and surface it is on(such as brick or metal for example) requires a specific chemical for each graffiti variation. After applying the chemical we gave it 45 minutes of dwell time so that the chemical has a sufficient amount of time to work it’s magic. The final step performed to remove the graffiti was to pressure wash it away. You can see the before and after photos in the pictures of this project which displays that the graffiti was entirely removed and this commercial building in Atlanta can resume business uninterrupted by an eyesore of a negative visual appeal! The Manager of this store was truly amazed by the results and was very happy he hired us! If you find this project intriguing, watch the video of us performing the graffiti removal service for this customer.

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