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Pressure Washing In Kennesaw, GA

Pressure washing in kennesaw ga

The wonderful client that owns this beautiful home asked us to wash it, it was ready for a cleaning. When we pulled up to the property the house had some green algae and mildew on it; a couple of different types of organic growth in the Kennesaw area. We were glad to make it gleaming.

Before we go any further, I personally, Kyle Carter, Owner of the company, the one writing this article, want to let you know that we have a lot of really satisfied clients and our many 5 Star Reviews speak truth to that. When we get done servicing a property our clients often ask us when they should schedule their next service. Like this house for example wasn’t natrocious by any means but it was ready for a professional cleaning. To maintain a gleaming appearance and protect your homes exterior building materials, which translates into curb appeal and protecting your investment and property value, it’s best to have your house washed once every 6 to 12 months. Now there are a number of factors that go in to this which can be things like plant life or greenery around the home, sunlight and humidity; which are all factors that vary making when a house needs to be washed vary.

How do you know when your house is ready?

Your house is definitely ready for a professional cleaning when some organic growth such as green algae, mildew or mold start to become visible. Now, you have your own preference and that may be never seeing organic growth, any tiny bit of it might disgust you and that means you need your house washed every 6 months to solve that issue. Others may be a little more tolerable and can handle a lit green algae or black mold, in that case every 12 months should probably suit you. Our recommendation, if you can handle a little dirtiness is to have it washed when you see the ugly stuff a little. It’s important not to wait until it’s really dirty because organic growth eats at building materials such as paint, hardy plank and vinyl siding and causes damage, premature wear. Meaning that you’ll be making repairs sooner than you had to. Something important to explain about organic growth is that it starts off as tiny spores not visible to the naked eye. The next thing I want to share is that exterior building materials such as paint, hardy plank, brick and vinyl siding are porous similar to a sponge. The pours aren’t nearly as large as a sponges pours, they are only visible under a microscope on the building materials. The spores of organic growth starts off in the pores of the building materials. So when you start seeing organic growth on your house there is definitely organic growth in the pours of the building materials on other areas of the house that is not yet visible. Now that we have covered when to get your house washed the next step is to explain how to have your house washed.

In the pictures of this house that we washed we used a technique called Soft Washing in which low pressure/low psi is used not high pressure or high psi. We use the Soft Wash technique because it’s much safer for the house than pressure washing the house which uses high pressure high psi, which causes premature wear and results in repairs sooner than they would’ve if it had always been Soft Washed. You may be wondering how we clean the house if we don’t use high pressure, it’s simple. This house for example and all houses that we wash we apply a proper soap or detergent that kills/neutralizes organic growth all the way down in the pours of the exterior building materials. After the organic growth is dead we rinse it off along with the remaining soap. Another problem with using only pressure on a house and no soap is that it won’t kill the organic growth in the pours of the exterior building materials, which means there is still organic growth present that you can’t see. Resulting in organic growth becoming visible faster, meaning your house will be dirty sooner.

I know our company name has pressure washing in it and we still do use high pressure to clean for most flat work, like driveways, sidewalks and patios; for those surfaces they require high pressure. We have pressure washing in our name because that’s what professional exterior cleaning and restoration is often referred to as. Most people don’t know what Soft Washing is and houses should always be Soft Washed like the one we did in these pictures and that’s why I wrote this article. It’s intended to help educate customers so that they can make a more informed decision on how to have their home cleaned.

If you are ready for Pressure Washing and/or Soft Washing services or would like to know more call us or fill out our contact form! Thanks

Pressure Washing In Kennesaw, GA

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