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Commercial Pressure Washing in Carrollton, GA

Commercial pressure washing carrollton ga

Superior Pressure Washing provided a quality pressure washing service to the Olive Garden of Carrollton, GA 30117 to enhance the exterior of the store for a better visual appearance. Superior performed Commercial Sidewalk Cleaning and Dumpster Pad Cleaning! We applied a special soap to the sidewalks to remove the black foot traffic grime and to brighten the concrete. That was followed with surface cleaning and rinsing. The results of the Sidewalk Cleaning were amazing, the sidewalks looked like new again and we’re bright and white! For the Dumpster Pad Cleaning we first applied an industrial degreaser and gave it dwell time to work it’s magic. After 15 to 20 minutes of dwell time we surface cleaned the dumpster pad and rinsed away the rest. After the rinsing, the dumpster pad had a drastically clean appearance but we took an additional step to post-treat the concrete surface with a detergent to sanitize any remaining germs and to brighten the concrete! The results were amazing and the Manager couldn’t believe how much cleaner it was, she really loved it! The guest of Olive Garden in Carrollton, GA now have an amazingly clean restaurant to dine at! Thank you to the Olive Garden Management Staff for choosing us for their pressure washing needs!

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